Rove Dementia Syndrome At The Huffington Post

One of the little quirks of politics is that liberals always like to portray conservatives as angry white men, but when it comes to rage and hatred, conservatives are rank amateurs to the seething liberal fury that the Left aims at its political opponents.

Now granted, that doesn’t mean that conservatives are all a bunch of little-miss-sunshines or that there aren’t angry conservatives out there, too — because there are — but try to imagine conservative bloggers and columnists going as over-the-top about James Carville, Bob Shrum, or Donna Brazile as the liberal bloggers you’re about to read from the Huffington Post do as they discuss Karl Rove’s resignation (All these excerpts are from today and yesterday),

“That sweet dream of Karl Rove being frogmarched out of the White House in handcuffs won’t be coming to pass after all, it seems. Not unless something truly celestial happens before the end of the month.

But maybe it will be a dream only deferred, to another location? Fingers crossed for the various Congressional investigations in progress.

Can I add my little strident note to the general catcalls, hisses, and purple-faced rancor at this disgusting figure passing from the Executive scene? Thanks, let me clear my throat and work up a big moist plug.

…If there are any special places in circles of hell reserved for catastrophic hypocrites and malignant cynics, I’d like to book a seat for Karl.” — Barry Yourgrau

“Rove was the ugliest man in “Hollywood for Ugly People” (D.C.). I wonder if he would be hated so much if he were not so ugly. I guess we’ll never know.” — Scott Shrake

“Although he has thus far managed to avoid charges, Rove will always be connected with the treasonous act of leaking the name of a CIA agent. People who buy into the notion that it was an accidental slip by Richard Armitage in a conversation with Novak are perpetuating the kind of naiveté that makes Rove’s work easier. Armitage had the expertise, political convictions, connections to Novak, and the separation from the White House to make him the perfect person to deliver the information about Ms. Plame. Rove developed the plan and used the zealousness of Vice President Dick Cheney, his myopic attorney David Addington, and Scooter Libby to execute the scheme. While our nation is in a war that is largely a product of Rove-designed deceptions, he leaked the name of an agent who has put her life at risk to protect our country from weapons of mass destruction and he did so for no other reason than silence future critics of the administration and exact revenge. The fact that Karl Rove has not been tried for sedition and treason ought to trouble every American who still believes in those things that have long been held to be good and right and true about our country.” — James Moore

“Whenever we talk about criminals, we traditionally worry that somehow they’ll slip through the cracks and end up “out there walking the streets.” No-one wants the freakdogs of society out there walking around on our godd*mn socialized streets.

But there he goes anyway… Karl Rove, the second most infamous villain of our time, leaving the White House at the end of the month.

And then what?

He’ll be out there walking the streets.

…But there’s no telling what Karl Rove will do now that he’s soon to be out there walking the streets. Out there — with the rest of us. With your kids! Bored and thirsty for some action. Beads of anxious sweat forming around his one hair and rolling down his bulbous forehead. Eyes scanning left and right — watching, waiting for someone to totally ratf*ck.

A poet once wrote, “You can take the boy out of ratf*cking, but you can’t take the ratf*cking out of the boy.” So true.

Karl Rove is one of those legendary mythological creatures: half doughy man-boy, half ratf*cker. It’s his nature. Once a ratf*cker, always a ratf*cker. Remove the Bush White House from the equation and he’ll be ratf*cking all over the place. Ratf*cking in the private sector. Ratf*cking at the mall. Ratf*cking in the self-checkout aisle at the grocery store.”

Not only do they hate the guy, they want to see him thrown in prison because they’re so angry at him for helping to defeat them in 2000, 2002, and 2004. It’s like a little taste of Stalinism…

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