Run Michael, Run Or Alternately, Finally A Republican Candidate With The Credibility Of Al Sharpton!

Sure, he would have no chance of winning, but he might have to get off the air for a while and that would be worth something:

“Michael Savage, the radio talk-show host whose books at include “The Enemy Within” and “Liberalism in a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions,” says he may leave the airwaves to make a bid for the presidency.

“I would think that somebody who’s not a politician might be a viable candidate,” Savage said. “I know it sounds bizarre but when you consider the people running for the presidency, none ? [appear] qualified,” he said in an online interview.

Savage, whose first books were published by WND, is now the nation’s third-most popular talk-show host on radio.

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…The report, carried on his website, said although his chances of being elected might be small, he’s sure he could move the Republican Party back in the direction of its conservative roots.”

Run, you bloviating wack job, run!

PS: I think it’s OK for me to mention this story despite staying away from talking about 2008 contenders on the Republican side because come on, a Savage candidacy? It’s like a bad joke.

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