Running For President As A Democrat Means Pandering To Rooms Full Of Lunatics

Given that the netroots and Democrat activist crowd have more nuts per square inch than a Payday bar, you can expect more kooks to ask questions like this one to the Democrat candidates (Note the disturbing number of people who clap at the end after John Edwards says he going to look into this conspiracy theory):

Given how crazy large segments of the Democrat base have become, a candidate who pulled a “Sister Souljah” moment with one of these kooks would definitely face a backlash for it. So, let’s see if any of them have the moral courage to do the right thing and take on the conspiracy nuts in their own base the next time a question like this pops up.

Since John Kerry and John Edwards have been asked questions about this issue and failed the test, they’re not going to be able to effectively use the old, “Gee, I don’t know much about that dodge,” again…

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Hat tip to Hot Air for the story.

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