Russia Vs. Georgia?

Over at the Wall Street Journal, Soviet foreign minister Sergey Lavrov writes,

However, it must be remembered that, as between any other major world powers, our bilateral relationship can only advance upon the basis of reciprocity. And that is exactly what has been missing over the past 16 years. I meant precisely that when I said that the U.S. will have to choose between its virtual Georgia project and its much broader partnership with Russia.

First of all, when it comes to “bilateral partnerships,” the Russian idea of a “partnership” is doing whatever benefits them the most, right now, and to hell with you. So, it’s impossible to have a real long term partnership with a nation like that, one that is always happy to slam a dagger in the backs of its “partners” if doing so today pays $1 more than not doing so.

Moreover, it’s not a choice between a “partnership” with Russia and Georgia. It’s a choice between a partnership with Russia and a partnership with Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and all the other little nations in the region that the Russians enslaved during their Soviet days and still want to intimidate and control today.

A few years ago, when the Russians were a free people and helping us after 9/11, it was easy to imagine that they had changed. But today, when they’re happily ruled by a dictator, helping the Iranians build nuclear weapons, and invading their neighbors with the full support of the Russian public, illusions about the true nature of the Russian Bear are no longer possible to maintain. That’s why the free nations in reach of Russia are desperate to get into NATO and it’s also why no one should believe that this is simply about Russia vs. Georgia.

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