RWN, Even More Dangerous Than The Jew According To Nazis!

Hey look! The Nazis over at the Vanguard News Network noticed I was making fun of them back in Feb and they’re not pleased…

Vlad: Now is that Keystone or Dethicus who posted such hateful lunacy about VNN forum? That thread on is a fine example of wretched spite and defamation that we can all learn from. Forget jews, republicans are far more dangerous. Jeebus help us.

RWN, even more dangerous than the Jew according to Nazis! I have another new slogan!

But new slogans aside, it was lucky I dropped in because I didn’t even realize that April 20th was Hitler’s birthday! How could I miss this opportunity to peruse the world of Fascist trash and see what they had to say about their hero — Hitler? This will be pure ACPOTI (Anyone Can Post On The Internet) Gold!

For example, check out these posts from a thread entitled “Liberals who compare Bush to Hitler“…

Adolph Hitler: “How dare they ruin Hitler’s image by comparing him to Bush! Don’t they realize he’s the biggest sellout there is? He’s practically Ariel Sharon’s lapdog.”

Here’s another one from the same thread…

N*gger Boy: “Hitler was the monumental figure of the 20th Century. A man of truth in a 100 years of lies and misinformation. Adolph towers over the entire 20th century as the one guy who actually decided to do something about the international vermin. To compare a mediocre president like Bush to such a collossus is an insult to the glory of national socialism. Liberals suck. They live in fantasy land created by the collective mind of the lower middle class. Hitler is one of the top 5 figures from history. To compare these fools to him is to insult the name of one of the greatest men who ever lived, Adolph Hitler.”

But if you think that’s bad, how about the ultimate insult to a Nazi — comparing Hitler to Ariel Sharon?

Neptune_Towers: “Don’t feel so bad. I have seen f*ckers compare Sharon to Adolf and Saddam as well. As if that rank amateur could possibly fill his shoes.”

Then there’s this thread about who’s going to win the election. It’s not exactly Crossfire or anything, but apparently the Nazis are really concerned about the “Zog” factor. Them and Indy Media I suppose…

Georgie: “Bush is too useful to ZOG to be let go. I suspect that somewhere Osama bin Laden is being held by U.S. forces so that at the right moment they can tell the whole word that the U.S. Army has “captured” him and pretty much fool the stupid American public into voting Bush into power again. (Well…votes dont mean sh*t..its the Electoral College that selects a president).

Whenever that moment may be I dont know but I would not be surprised if amazing near the end of Bush’s presidency, Osama was “caught” and all those patriotic Americans can go hoolin’ and hollerin’ about how 9/11 has been revenged etc.”

T.Garrett: “ZOG has been looking for a way to install a man who is a known jew as ‘president’ for a long while now. I think they are going to make Kerry president, IMHO. Remember, jews feel they ‘own’ USA so why wouldnt they want one of their own in the top political office? Our votes, opinions, yelling screaming WHATEVER dont count for sh*t with these people, they are going to do whatever they [email protected] well please with us and our country. This is our problem, not who is gonna be the next president, LOL, that was decided in some boardroom long ago. Cheers”

If there any Nazis who happen to read this, let me give you some friendly advice: forget about being a Nazi & Hitler, repeat “the Zog does not exist” 50 times, and rejoin the rest of the human race. Come on, it’s so bad — look how well it worked out for Robert Byrd — he went from Klansman to US Senator. It’s not too late for you yet….

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