RWN Exclusive: The 30-Year-Old John Kerry Memo That Will Rock The Campaign!

A devastating memo written more than 30 years ago by John Kerry has come into RWN’s possession. This memo will forever change the course of this year’s election! Just take a look at it and you’ll see what I mean!

Of course, as we’ve learned from watching the scandalous attacks on Dan Rather, partisans may come forward and claim that this memo isn’t genuine! So in order to prove the memo is authentic, RWN is adhering to the same standards CBS is using for the Bush memos.

— Some people may point out that despite the fact that this memo appears to be more than 30 years old, it appears to have been written using the default settings of Microsoft word. But as we’ve learned from CBS, that’s certainly no reason to question the document’s authenticity.

— You’ll also find that like one of the CBS memos, this document has a signature on it. And while RWN hasn’t consulted any handwriting experts, I think you’ll find that if the signature on this document were a little larger, it would match up — and I mean EXACTLY — to this copy of John Kerry’s signature which I found on his blog.

— Now I don’t have the original documents, nor will I reveal the source I received this document from, but as we’ve learned from watching CBS, you don’t need to have that information.

— Last but not least, you’ll just have to trust this is a real document — despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary — because RWN says so. That’s how the real journalists do it, right Dan?

For all the humorless lefties out there, the memo is of course satire. Too bad Dan Rather didn’t say that about his report on the Bush National Guard memos.

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