RWN Gets Another Mention In The Washington Post

The WAPO’s Metro columnist, Donna Britt, quoted RWN in a piece attacking Drudge for some splashy Chris Rock related news that he posted last week….

“Not content with trying to provoke gays, Drudge also attempted to incite abortion foes to lobby against Rock with the headline “Shock Oscar host Chris Rock recently declared that abortion in the United States is a “beautiful thing!” He then cited a joke Rock has used since the early ’90s:

“Abortion, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful abortion is legal. I love going to an abortion rally to pick up women, cause you know they are [having sex].”

But many abortion foes didn’t seem to be biting, either. One antiabortion blogger said it’s “a mistake to treat a comedian doing standup like he’s a senator doing a stump speech.” Dorinda Bordlee, an attorney for Americans United for Life, told that she’d seen the routine and understood it was a parody. Rock, she explained, used satire “to show that abortion on demand has made women more into sex objects than we’ve ever been.”

Donna, Donna, Donna…where is the love? Why does Dorinda Bordlee get her name mentioned along with a web address while I’m the “antiabortion blogger?” If you’re not gonna mention my name or blog, you could have at least linked to the post, which I’d like to note, wasn’t a slap at Drudge. Heck, since Drudge actually linked to the article, I might have gotten some nice traffic out of it.

Ah well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles…

Hat tip to RWN reader Phillip Ruane for letting know about the mention.

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