RWN In Howard Kurtz’s WAPO Column

Hey look, I made Howie Kurtz’s WAPO column because of the Warblogger Awards.

“InstaPundit has won an award for the best blog–but he was also No. 4 for most overrated blog. Andrew Sullivan managed to win most overrated blog, most annoying right-of-center blogger and finish No. 4 for most annoying left-of-center blogger (how does he do that?). Mickey Kaus was the favorite left-of-center blogger, and Daily Kos the most annoying left-of-center blogger.

The name of the site making these judgments, based on voting by 47 invited bloggers? Right Wing News. No euphemisms there.”

People always ask how someone like Instapundit can be highly rated in the best blog overall category and still rank in the overrated category. Well, ya gotta be rated to be overrated and as a general rule, the more successful you become, the more people who will dislike you because of it. See Microsoft, AOL, and Britney Spears for more on that.

Speaking of the AOL of the blogosphere, Andrew Sullivan, hey, people really, really, don’t like him. I guess that’s what happens when you run a “conservative” blog and then get flighty and irrational, do a 180 on all kinds of positions because George Bush doesn’t share your views on gay marriage, and then basically paint everyone who disagrees with you on gay marriage as a backwards, bigoted, homophobic, neanderthal.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…

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