RWN In The Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted RWN in a section called Shortcuts. It’s basically just a quote section and unfortunately you have to register to view it. Here’s the Cindy Sheehan related quote they posted:

Wrecked marriage

“I’ve seen a lot of whining and carping about Michelle Malkin scooping the MSM on Cindy Sheehan’s divorce. It’s not surprising that liberal blogs would bitterly complain, since they complain about everything, but some conservative blogs have even been on her case. That’s ridiculous! …

“It’s particularly newsworthy in Cindy Sheehan’s case because, by her own admission, she split from her husband over her anti-war activities. Here’s a woman who — again, by her own admission — admits that she has lost all her friends, stopped talking to much of her extended family, and has now apparently destroyed her marriage with her anti-war protesting. … If the people on the left actually cared about her welfare, they’d be encouraging her to go see a psychologist instead of cheering her as she inappropriately uses the death of her own son to try to make herself into a media star.”

You can see the entire post they quoted from by clicking here.

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