RWN Is Mentioned In The Chicago Tribune

RWN has been mentioned, albeit briefly, for the first time in the Chicago Tribune (free registration required). The column was called “It’s officially a living: Bloggers find ad boom can pay their rent”.

The article was really well researched and does a fab job of talking up advertising in the blogging world. Here’s the quote related to RWN that was culled out of a very pleasant 20 minute conversation with Tribune reporter Maureen Ryan…

“It’s really just taken off the last few months,” says John Hawkins of, a Blogads client who says he cracked $1,000 in monthly ad profits for the first time in June.”

And I told Maureen I’d send her a Christmas gift if there was an actual hyperlink to RWN….hehehe…dead tree publications on the net just do not do links.

Here are a few other relevant quotes from the column…

“Blogads offers ad rates tied to its clients’ Internet traffic — the more visitors, the higher the rate for an ad on that site. Given that some sites have been running as many as 15 ads at a time, a little back-of-an-envelope math shows that several of Blogads’ top clients are likely clearing as much as $3,000-$5,000 a month.

That’s a nice chunk of change for bloggers, especially the ones who would like to make blogging a full-time job.

But is this burgeoning advertising boom — and it is a boom, since the top premium ad on Escaton cost $100 per month a year a go and $2,500 per month today — built to last? After all, not all advertisers are convinced that blogs are the place to be.

…Back in January, the campaign of Ben Chandler, a Democratic candidate for a U.S. Congress seat in Kentucky, placed $2,000 worth of ads on a dozen politically oriented blogs.

Two weeks later, his campaign had raked in more than $80,000 in donations from hundreds of blog readers, some of whom lived nowhere near Kentucky. Chandler went on to defeat his opponent in the Feb. 17 special election, and the political world, especially the left-leaning side, took note.”

Hey folks, when I said I was very optimistic about the future of blogging, I wasn’t kidding.

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