RWN Is On Vacation — I Return On Tuesday The 20th

Unluckily for you, RWN’s valued readers, it’s time for me to take another week-end vacation at the beach. RWN will return on Tuesday the 20th.

While I’m gone, I was hoping you could take a look at a few of our advertisers. Come on, I’d do it for you. Please? Pretty please with sugar on it? Pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeee? So you don’t want to click on any of my advertisers? Well OK, I guess. I mean I do put in a lot of work here on RWN to compile daily news, write posts, do interviews, etc, etc. I understand. I guess you just hate Right Wing News. You hate RWN and you wish I’d die — that’s it isn’t it? Ok, don’t try to deny it…well, OK, maybe you don’t hate RWN. Maybe, just maybe, I’d believe you if you clicked on some of our advertisers….that’s right…click, HA! Sucker..I was just kidding! I know you don’t hate RWN, I got ya good didn’t I? Har har har!!! Uh, you did click on those links didn’t you? Come on, click, click, click! Click like the little linkmonkey that you know you are! Click, click, click!!!!!

52 Reasons To Re-Elect George Bush
Robert Lamutt For Congress
Bryan Coffman For Congress
Nathan Tabor For Congress

Right Wing Nut
Right Wing Stuff
Vitamin USA

Light Cavalry
The Modern Museum Of Left-Wing Lunacy
Neowhig 2004
Shop The Right

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