RWN Mention In The Latest Lorie Byrd Column

My pal Lorie Byrd had a nice excerpt from a post I wrote at RWN in her latest Townhall column,

At Right Wing News, John Hawkins makes a good point with the following question: “So, if Hillary, Barack, and Edwards now have the same position as Rudy, Fred, Mitt, & McCain, you have to ask, who should America trust more to handle Iraq in 2009? The candidates who took that position early on because they thought it was the right thing to do, even though they knew the Democrats could use it against them at the polls, or the Democrats who’ve taken that position because they feel it’s a political necessity after David Petraeus’ testimony?”

In addition to the point Hawkins makes about those allowing war policy to be driven by political considerations, voters should ask another question about the way their potential leaders have approached the issues surrounding the Iraq war. Who should Americans trust more to handle Iraq in 2009? Those who thought we should act on threats, those who believe we should act on threats until the polls change, or those who believe such things should be left to the UN?

Thanks, Lorie!

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