RWN On The Laura Ingraham Show And In The National Post

Not only did the blogger poll on the Harriet Miers Nomination make Laura Ingraham’s web page and radio show yesterday, David Frum mentioned it in today’s anti-Miers column in the National Post:

“CBS last week also released new presidential approval numbers, based on a survey conducted October 3-5. Bush is down to 37%, the lowest presidential approval rating since the Carter years. That number is buoyed, though, by the President’s continued high approval rating among conservatives: 80%.

But Oct. 3 was the date that the Miers nomination was announced. As conservatives digest their disappointment and betrayal, their approval of the President is likely to decline. It’s hard to say how powerful this effect will be overall, but here’s one clue: A poll Monday of 200 right-of-centre bloggers by the Web site found that 49% regarded the appointment as a “bad or terrible” decision. Only 9% rated it “good or excellent.” And while 4% of the bloggers said that the decision raised their opinion of President Bush, 53% made them view the President less favourably.

While it would seem unlikely that conservatives overall would react as strongly as these intensely political bloggers, the trend and tendency are both clear.”

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Laura, David: thanks for mentioning RWN!

*** Update #1 ***: Here’s a minor correction on the Frum article. While there were 200+ bloggers who were sent emails, only 79 responded.

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