RWN Quoted In A Hit Piece Against Mark Steyn?

The lovely and talented Michelle Malkin shot me an email a few minutes ago to let me know that some guy I’d never heard of named Dan Kennedy at the The Boston Phoenix used a quote from the RWN interview with Mark Steyn in a hit piece aimed at the “one man global content provider”….

“STEYN OFTEN criticizes the mainstream American press for its stodgy lifelessness. Last year he told the Web site that “almost any other English-speaking country, from Australia to Pakistan, has a livelier press than the US big-city monodailies…. I think that’s why when conservative US bloggers need a bit of red meat they can tear to pieces they go to the Guardian rather than the Boston Globe or the San Francisco Chronicle. Idiocy-wise, there’s no difference, but the boys at the Guardian can write.”

I found it to be quite ironic that Kennedy used that particular quote, because I had to really fight to stay focused through his plodding, four page long attack on Steyn. It was like listening to a 15-year old who spends his afternoons fumbling away at a guitar in his mom’s basement telling everyone within earshot that Jimmy Hendrix had no idea what he was doing. Of course, that only proves the point Steyn was making in that quote, which suits me just fine…

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