RWN’s Christmas Schedule

RWN’s Holiday Schedule

Well, folks, it’s almost time for Christmas, which means that everyone, myself included, is getting ready to take a little vacation. So, let me give you the holiday schedule for RWN:

Thursday: 1/2 day

Friday: Part 1 of the best of RWN posts for 2005 goes up.

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Monday: Part 2 of the best of RWN posts for 2005 goes up.

Tuesday: RWN will have guest bloggers. They’ll include:

Betsy Newmark from Betsy’s Page.

Right Thinking Girl (Blog defunct).

Sister Toldjah

Cassandra from Villainous Company (Blog defunct).

Mary Katharine Ham from Hugh Hewitt’s Blog

RWN will return to a normal schedule on Tuesday. Until then, everyone out there have a great Christmas and consider this to be an open thread.

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