RWN’s Favorite Quotes From Ann Coulter’s ‘How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)’

Yesterday, I finished up Ann Coulter’s “How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)“. The book is for the most part a compilation of some of Ann’s columns (about 80%) mixed in with some new material and previously unpublished columns (about 20%). Like all of Ann’s books, it was a blast to read, although if you’ve been reading Ann’s columns regularly since 2001 (like me), you’re obviously not going to enjoy it quite as much as someone who is perusing the material for the first time. That being said, I consider the book to be a good read even though it wasn’t new to me.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I compiled a list of the best quotes from the book for your amusement and edification. You can read them by clicking here.

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