RWN’s Holiday Schedule (RWN Returns Tomorrow)

On Friday, RWN had the following guest bloggers:

Michael Fumento
Patrick Hynes
Betsy Newmark
Danny Carlton

Thanks for helping out, everyone!

Today, on New Year’s Day, it’ll be a retro-RWN day.

Then, on Tuesday the 2nd, RWN will return to a normal schedule. Make sure to tune in to catch once a year article, “Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2006 Edition.”

Until then, consider this to be an open thread and have a great New Year’s!

Update #1: (From Friday) Happy Saddam Hussein is dead day, everyone! Few people on the planet deserved killing more!

Update #2: Even though I’m on vacation, I couldn’t resist doing a post on the Kos kids drowning in pools of their own tears over Saddam’s execution. As you read these quotes, which all came within 2 1/2 hours of Saddam’s death, note these are from Daily Kos diarists, not the commenters:

“Saddam Hussein is dead. He was murdered today by the Iraqi government with the assistance of the United States government.

…We have done very little to improve the overall condition of Iraq. In fact, some would argue that we have made the country more unsafe and more unstable than it was under Saddam.

….Despite George Bush’s best efforts, the truth will come out and is coming out about the war and the process that lead us to war. It has been revealed that Bush intended to go to war in Iraq as far back as 1999. He was sore over the plot to kill his father and he was determined to make Saddam pay for this act. But instead of being clear about this, Bush used the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor to enact his plan of vengeance.

…Congratulations Mr. Bush, you got your revenge. I hope it was worth the cost.” — abbaanthony

“The missus and I were watching some good trash on ABC when the news broke, and Elizabeth Vargas was anchoring the prepackaged “Saddam was horrible and his reign of terror is now over” propaganda that will make wingnuts and freepers have wet dreams over for weeks. Both of us immediately had similar thoughts (after, “I hope they come back to our trash TV show”).

Hers was that this was all a bullsh*t show for Saddam trying to kill Georgie’s daddy. And mine was that this was a total farce that is an absolute embarassment and black eye for America.

…This is a mockery of justice. And for a man that has been accused of so many atrocities, the stench of those atrocities now extends to the US.” — clammyc

“They say the greats always go in threes. James Brown, Gerald Ford, and Saddam Hussein.” — Rusty5329

“The administration will, in due course, stand to account for a war crime committed in Iraq by executing the Iraqi dictator.

…As such, the entire government of the US is now at best an accomplice to this crime, and at worst although it can be argued that circumstantial evidence suggests that it was a premeditated crime perpetrated by the administration.” — NicolausCopernicus

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