RWN’s New Traffic Record & The Jewish Press Favorites Mention

The traffic is still pouring in from the Fark link to my “Stupid Debating Tricks — 9 Of My Least Favorite Debate Tactics” article. In fact, so much traffic is pouring in that it looks like this has been the second best day I’ve had this year. Furthermore, I broke my record for the number of eyeballs on the page at one time by hitting 1010 between 4-5 PM EST this afternoon. Not too shabby!

Also, the JewishPress had their readers vote for their favorite websites. While RWN didn’t make the top 20 or the honorable mentions, their editor gave us a plug anyway. Thanks for the mention guys!

***Update***: Today turned out to be my best traffic day for the year. I finished the day with 20,824 daily uniques and 30,984 pageviews.

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