RWN’s Slatecard Candidate Of The Week: Sean Parnell

On August 26th, Sean Parnell is going to be battling corrupt pork king, Don Young, in Alaska’s congressional primary.

Keep in mind that not only is Young one of the biggest earmarkers in Congress, he’s also under investigation by the FBI. So, if he manages to beat Parnell, chances are that Young will — deservedly, I might add — lose his seat to a Democrat in November.

So, Sean Parnell is not only our best shot to get rid of one of the worst Republicans in Congress, he’s probably our only real shot to hold the seat in November.

With that in mind, I’m hoping you’ll chip in a few bucks to Sean Parnell’s campaign. The latest polls have Parrnell up over Young by 3-4 points, but Young is flush with cash and will have a big advantage in name recognition when Alaskans vote next week.

This is your last, best shot to make a difference: do you want Don Young in that seat or worse yet (maybe), a pork grabbing Democrat — or do you want Sean Parnell, a pro-life, fiscal conservative who’s endorsed by Sarah Palin and the Club for Growth? If you want Parnell in there, he could certainly use a donation.

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