San Fran Black Flight: Liberal Crisismania! By The Good Lt.

So those uppity blacks are casting off the yokes of city-machine politics and liberal programs designed for their betterment, and are leaving the city of San Francisco in droves.

Yeah. That’s what happens when you promise everything in return for votes, and return nothing.

No single cause explains the continuing exodus, according to city officials, leaders in the black community, demographers and current and former black residents. The high cost of housing — one of the highest in the nation — is a dominant theme, but there are other factors:

-The loss in the 1950s and 1960s of a key black enclave to urban renewal.

-High crime rates in some of the city’s surviving black neighborhoods.

-Substandard public housing, as acknowledged by city officials.

-Dissatisfaction with underperforming urban schools.

“Black people really don’t matter in San Francisco. It’s what this generation of political leadership inherited,” says Chuck Collins, president of the YMCA of San Francisco. “There’s been a very uneasy truce with the black population.”

Hey. Complain to the San Fran Democrats – that is exclusively their turf (Pelosi turf, at that). Ask them why their progressive Mecca simply wasn’t cutting it for anyone but the rich, elitist limousine liberals and their “culture.’

Cripes. They’re acting like the advancement, financial improvement and uplifting of the black community is a bad thing because the blacks aren’t choosing what is obviously (according to the liberals out there) ‘good for them.’ Even though most thinking folk know and have known for a long time that what the liberals offer isn’t good for anyone except a small, elitist, wealthy subset of the population.

And what’s the lib solution to this, um, “problem?” More government! A government “task force,” no less!

The task force “ought to study what’s wrong with the white power structure, why they can’t be responsive to the African-American community,” says Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church and president of the local NAACP chapter. “They didn’t need us anymore.”

Stopping black flight will be “an uphill battle,” Blakely says. “If you’re a middle-class African-American, one of your dreams was to move into a nice mixed neighborhood and send your kid to a decent school.”

Today, African-Americans across the USA are “suburbanizing” at a rate slightly higher than whites, he says. “As their incomes go up, they move out.”

That’s usually how it works. And the San Fran libs want to put a stop to it.

(Hawkins’ Note: In San Francisco, the ultra left-wing politics are driving away the conservatives. The insane cost of buying a house, which is caused by rent control, open space laws, and environmental laws are driving out the poor and middle-class people who can’t afford to buy a place to live. Then there’s the degenerate moral atmosphere and that’s driving away the people who understandably don’t want to raise their kids in that kind of environment. So, unless something changes, in twenty or thirty years, the population will be much older, even more white, even more gay, even more liberal, and considerably smaller.)

This content was used with the permission of The Jawa Report.

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