San Francisco: Offering free rides for Honduran crack dealers

Ah, San Francisco: the perfect little microcosm of liberalism in action. If you want to know what America would look like if liberals took over, then all you need to do is look to San Francisco, the place Nancy Pelosi calls home.

The newest example is the free ride service for illegal Honduran crack dealers, funded by city taxpayers.

San Francisco juvenile probation officials – citing the city’s immigrant sanctuary status – are protecting Honduran youths caught dealing crack cocaine from possible federal deportation and have given some offenders a city-paid flight home with carte blanche to return.

The city’s practices recently prompted a federal criminal investigation into whether San Francisco has been systematically circumventing U.S. immigration law, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

City officials say they are trying to balance their obligations under federal and state law with local court orders and San Francisco’s policies aimed at protecting the rights of the young immigrants, who they say are often victims of exploitation.

Federal authorities counter that drug kingpins are indeed exploiting the immigrants, but that the city’s stance allows them to get away with “gaming the system.”

Barred by state law from sending drug offenders to the California Youth Authority and bound by a 1989 city law defining San Francisco as a sanctuary city for immigrants – meaning officials do not cooperate with federal immigration investigations – juvenile officials settled on an unorthodox strategy.

Rather than have the drug offenders deported, they have recommended that Juvenile Court judges and commissioners approve city-paid flights home to Honduras for the offenders with the aim of reuniting them with their families.

The practice, federal authorities say, does nothing to prevent offenders from coming back, while federal deportation legally bars them from ever returning. Federal officials also say U.S. law prohibits helping an illegal immigrant to cross the border, even if it is to return home.

Joseph Russoniello, the U.S. attorney in charge of the San Francisco area, said he was “flabbergasted that the taxpayers’ money was being spent for the purpose of ferrying detainees home. You have to have a perfect storm of dumb moves to have it happen.”

Must be nice to know that your hard-earned money is funding a free plane ride for crack dealers. Of course, this is all done in the name of the children, with city officials crying over the “abuse” and “exploitation” of the crack dealers who police suspect aren’t really juveniles, but adults masquerading as such. A city official, William Siffermann, says that this approach is being used because deportation could keep the lovely illegal immigrant drug dealers from becoming citizens in the future.

Well, duh! That’s the whole point! Why in the world would we want to make convicted drug dealers and criminals citizens? These aren’t the kinds of people we need to be welcoming into the country. We’ve got enough criminals as is without opening our arms to MS-13 gang members and Honduran drug dealers. These sanctuary cities seem to just love these criminals and want to make them citizens, though, for reasons I just cannot understand. Wouldn’t you normally want to keep these kinds of criminals out?!

Meanwhile, cases like this mysteriously keep popping up (emphasis added):

A suspected gang member charged with killing a father and two of his sons after a minor traffic incident has been ordered held without bail.
Twenty-one-year-old Edwin Ramos of El Sobrante is charged with three counts of murder that each carry the enhancement of being committed as part of a street gang.

He faces the possibility of life without parole or the death penalty if convicted.

Ramos is accused of killing 48-year-old Tony Bologna, and his sons Michael and Matthew after the Bologna’s car blocked Ramos’ car from making a turn onto a narrow San Francisco street.

Authorities say Tony Bologna put his car in reverse to let Ramos pass, and [Bologna] and his sons were gunned down.

Police say Ramos is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, gang.

Immigration authorities say they believe Ramos is in the country illegally and could try to deport him once the case is resolved.

Aren’t sanctuary cities the greatest? Illegal immigrants are free to come to your city and trash it, without any interference from city officials. It won’t matter how many drugs you bring in or crimes you commit, because San Fran Nan & Co. will bend over backwards to accomodate you and to keep you there. They are, however, working tirelessly to make sure the military is completely eradicated from the city.

San Francisco: liberalism in action.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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