Sandy Berger, Seriously Sandy Berger? By Uncle Jimbo

I have had to throw out any ability to be shocked by shameless behavior in order to even comment on politics. But still, after the withdrawal of any expectations they still get me.

Hillary Clinton has put Sandy Berger on her National Security team. I’ll give you a minute while you sort that out……..I say again, Hillary has made Sandy Berger one of her top advisers. That is one of the most brazen and outrageous things I can recall. I mean he really should be in jail, seriously. Jail, like the left wanted for Scooter Libby except for one huge difference. Libby told a lie hurting no one. Berger stole and destroyed classified documents that would have shown that Bill himself said no to any serious efforts to catch bin Laden. Richard Miniter names documents at his PJ Xpress blog.

My informed sources suggest that what Berger destroyed were copies of the Millennium After-Action Review, a binder-sized report prepared by Richard Clarke in 2000–a year and half before the 9-11 attacks. The review made a series of recommendations for a tougher stance against bin Laden and terrorism. There are 13 or more copies of this report. But only one contains hand-written notes by President Bill Clinton. Apparently, in the margin beside the recommendations, Bill Clinton wrote NO, NO, NO next to many of the tougher policy proposals.

I can’t imagine that reflecting well on Bill’s legacy or Hillary’s possibilities. They have perpetrated the myth that they were looking to put the crosshairs on bin Laden, and I say they because Hillary has appropriated Bill’s tremendous successes as her own. The truth is they were not willing to take any steps that would have actually caught or killed bin Laden because they involved risk and violence and both are anathema to the triangulating Clintons.

Think about this one more time and then remember he has admitted doing this. He is a man who has proven he cannot be trusted, who has proven he will lie, cheat and steal to further his and his patron’s political prospects or cover their collective asses. He was caught doing this and got thrown an undeserved bone when he avoided prison. I was disgusted but I assumed he would have to sit on the sidelines at some lefty think tank scribbling Clintonian apologia for handouts.

Nope, Hillary trots him right out in plain sight. Could she possibly think no one will notice or care? He is a State Criminal and for her to do this shows contempt for the American people, and our security. We cannot make an accurate assessment of just how badly Bill and his team of mitigators screwed up because one of them stole the evidence. This starkly demonstrates how even the least pacifist of the Democratic candidates is seriously compromised.

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