Sarah Palin Bikini Pics!

Update: Topless photos???

Ace is getting traffic from lefties looking for Sarah Palin bikini pics. Somehow in their warped minds they think this will be some kind of scandal that will make social-cons not vote for her. However, they are as usual…stupid. By the way, if anyone can find a picture of her in a bikini, please let me know. I’m with Stacy, I’ll happily post the photo for them all to see. Since they seem to think finding photos of the contenders in their bathing suits would be a huge scandal, looky what we found! Oh my! Obama you are DONE! Your political career is OVER! Look at the exclusive photo I found!

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Update #1: Also see, This Is The Sarah Palin Bikini Shot You Are Looking For And, No, It’s Not Real. (Sep 2, 2008)

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