Sarah Palin Ignites Republican Hopes For Change

The Democrats try to discredit McCain by linking him (which is just silly) to George W. Bush and saying this “we don’t need four more of the last eight years.” Republicans couldn’t agree more. Voters gave the Republicans control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency and what did Republicans give the voters? More earmarks, more spending, more big government, more debt, more Washington cronyism, more of everything that voters hate and expected from Democrats but not from Republicans.

Republicans used to stand for low taxes, small government and social conservatism. No more. The moderate Republicans (RINOs) sold conservative ideals down the river in the name of compromise and working across the aisle. They resisted and thwarted efforts at ethics reform. Republicans sent big fat projects back to their home states so they could guarantee their election bids. In short, Republicans, McCain included, sold out principles for politics. Thus, Congress enjoys a 9% approval rating today.

Nancy Pelosi taking over these last two years have been no better. But at least she has a “D” after her name. People expect the Democrats to be anti-business, big-government spenders. Big surprise when they harm businesses, spend tax-payer money like sodden gamblers, and promise the world while delivering $4/gallon gas. That’s the Democratic way. No one is happy. But no one should be surprised when the Democrats who put the screws to you, tell you it’s for your own good. And woo hoo! The environment is saved, too!

John McCain’s contribution to this mess grated. When he sanctimoniously lead the charge to compromise over judge choices, it was more of the same. His denigration over and over of the religious right because he knew he was one-tick better than Obama and could get away with the bad-mouthing outrageous. Many voters were going to sit this election out because they could not stomach voting for a guy who seemed to take glee in sticking it to conservatives all the while sucking up to the press.

And then Obama, the savior, came. He stole the media’s adoring adulation from favorite son McCain. He gave Clinton-hating Democrats and leftists hope they could believe in–maybe we won’t have to put up with the Hill and Bill show after all. He was young, fresh, new, exceedingly liberal, and best of all, black. McCain’s Maverickness suddenly seemed very old and very Washington insider.

Like I have written before, I never have bought the Maverick label. And not because he’s the cwazy conservative the left would paint him as being–a notion that makes conservatives guffaw. The Maverick seemed to be just a nice name, but in reality, John McCain, like Joe Biden, like Barack Obama, is just a political insider intent on ensuring that he retain his power.

Sarah Palin stands against all the elite, inbred, power-hungry, power-using, Ivy-league, insider snobbery that pervades Washington D.C. and the D.C-NYC corridor and every big city political machine across America. After years of handing the Republicans power to reform, streamline, cut and just get the heck out of the business of being in people’s business and the Republicans using the power to enrich, porkify and poke around, Americans are fed up.

The left and feminists want to portray McCain’s act as a cynical ploy to use identity politics against them. Maybe it is. McCain seems to be a pretty savvy, politically expedient fellow. Hells, bells, politics is all about pandering. Can you say Barack Obama? If he was white would anyone being paying a lick of attention to him? Um, I think you know the answer to that. Ditto, Sarah Palin, truth be told. Being a woman helped get her her job offer. It’s called Affirmative Action. Why is the left troubled by this?

John McCain might have made a politically motivated decision in Sarah Palin but that doesn’t negate the reason Americans will love Sarah Palin. Her message of reform and her record of going after her own party sounds very good right now. Hopefully, McCain gets more than he bargained for in this woman. She is smart, tenacious, solid, working-class, a reformer and blessedly, a beltway outsider. Truly, she’s an outsider. Finally.

Did John McCain realize the implications for this decision? Does he have the sense to know how angry Americans are right now about the state of their government? Will he follow through on the reform message if wins the presidency?

He better. Choosing Sarah Palin indicates some sort of understanding about this. The left, as usual, is completely delusional. They attack her traditional values, anti-abortion stance, desire for a family, desire to work, keeping a Downs child, traveling while in labor, and of course, the old standard used for any Republican seeking higher office, she’s stupid. They miss the point while simultaneously revealing themselves for the sexist, misogynist hypocrites they are and always have been.

The reason Sarah Palin is popular is the same reason Barack Obama is popular: she stands for hope and change. The only difference is that Palin has put her hopes into practice and actually changed the politics of a state. Republicans hope she can affect the same change in Washington.

Cross-posted at where naked Palin pictures are revealed (well, something like that) and wonder at Feminists insisting on women submitting.

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