Sarah Palin Vs. Bigfoot

I didn’t even realize The Weekly World News website was still going after the print edition went bust, but they’re still out there, reporting the sort of positive stories about Sarah Palin that the mainstream media refuses to cover — like this one!

Sarah Palin kills bigfoot

Records and eyewitnesses have come to light that prior to announcing her candidacy for the Vice Presidency; Sarah Palin shot a Bigfoot from a helicopter.

A government helicopter was seen flying low over the Chugach National Park with what witnesses described as “a sexy librarian shooting out the side.” Employees at a local bait shop report seeing a similar woman only hours before carrying an infant in a camouflage Baby Bjorn.

The Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it is known in scientific circles, was found dead on the outskirts of the park, just south of Wasilla, Alaska. Preliminary forensics reports confirm that an adult male Sasquatch was shot in the face with Palin’s trademark 5mm M4 Carbine Assault Rifle.

Barack Obama? If he saw a Sasquatch, he’d probably stop all oil drilling in Alaska to make sure the species is protected. Then, he’d levy a 10% income tax increase to start a new bigfoot abortion program. Sarah Palin? She saw a potential threat to the American taxpayers and shot it right in the face.

That’s leadership we can believe in!

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