Saudi to Warn Bush of

Saudi to Warn Bush of Rupture Over Israel Policy: Apparently, Crown Prince Abdullah is furious that we’re not cracking down on the Israelis and that we’re still planning to invade Iraq. According to the NY Times he’s going to read GWB the riot act today. Either GWB forces the Israelis to kowtow or Saudi Arabia may support an oil boycott and will ask us to abandon our military bases.

Well those are empty threats. If we lose our bases in Saudi Arabia, so what? What good are they if we can’t use them to hit Iraq?

As far as the oil threat goes, Saudi Arabia only supplies around 17% of our oil. If they cut us off, we have a lot of other sources we can get oil from. Furthermore, after a month or so prices would stabilize and we could go without Saudi Oil for a long period of time while only doing minimal damage to our economy. On other hand, if Saudi Arabia went 6 months without American oil money their economy would collapse.

Crown Prince Abdullah is playing a game of chicken with W. Unfortunately for Abdullah, he’s driving a go-cart and Bush is driving a tank.

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