Saying Goodbye To The Gipper

One day after the death of Ronald Reagan, I can’t help but think back to that quote by Flaubert,

“Language is like a cracked kettle on which we beat our tunes to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity.”

How do you explain the totality of Ronald Reagan to people who were too young to remember him, disinterested in politics, or even to those who just can’t understand the depth of feeling that so many people in this country have for the man?

It’s a difficult task, one that is perhaps beyond my abilities, but for Reagan’s sake, I must make the attempt.

Certain figures in history, like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or Winston Churchill, were not simply titans among men, but came along at a particular point in history where their talents were most needed.

So it was with Reagan. (Cont)

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