Scary Poll Of The Day: Germans Tiring Of Democracy

This is mildly disconcerting:

“According to a new report put out by the German Statistics Office, Germans have the most pessimistic view of the future among all Europeans.

The latest census shows that Germans — especially young people and eastern Germans — believe living conditions are much worst than they actually are.

…And more and more, the report concludes, Germans are disappointed with democracy within the country. This is especially true for those living in eastern Germany.

Last year, only 38 percent of eastern Germans thought democracy was a good form of government, the study said. In 2000, it was 49 percent.

That percentage for Germans in the western part of the country was higher, with 80 percent in 2000 and 71 percent in 2005 believing it was a positive form of government.”

Hmmm….so, a lot of Germans would prefer to abandon Democracy? Instead, perhaps they can find a charismatic dictator to rule them and help improve life for the German people along with settling any old grievances that they may still have.

What could possibly go wrong?

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