Selling Your Children To Michael Jackson

Selling Your Children To Michael Jackson

Like most people, I’m not not the least bit suprised that Michael Jackson has been arrested for child molestation. To the contrary, I can’t understand how a guy who has his own private pedophile theme park hasn’t already been busted half a dozen times already.

But, to me, the real question is how does Michael Jackson keep getting access to these kids? Keep in mind here that Jackson already paid off one kid to get out of child molestation charges. Then there was the creepy 20/20 episode which apparently featured the kid who is making the charge this time although I haven’t seen anyone explicitly make that connection yet (that kid has cancer, this kid has cancer, the kid’s friends knew about him being around Jackson, Jackson has been prepping for this case a long time, it all adds up).

Then there’s this

“Three Oslo teenagers have been on a secret private visit to pop idol Michael Jackson at his pleasure park Neverland Ranch in California. After police raided Neverland Tuesday morning with a warrant for Jackson’s arrest on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young boy worries have run high in Oslo, newspaper VG reports.

…One of the mothers said she was waiting to hear from her son, and was considering calling Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Two youths were invited along to California by Jackson’s Norwegian-Pakistani friend Omer Bhatti, 19.

Bhatti, from Oslo’s Holmlia district, became a celebrity of sorts after Jackson discovered him in 1996. Bhatti was standing outside Jackson’s hotel in Tunis dressed like Jackson and bearing a red rose in his hand.

…Bhatti has been unswervingly loyal to Jackson during their relationship, according to VG.

VG’s sources claim that the Oslo trio’s USA holiday is bought and paid by Jackson and was a secret to all but their nearest family members. The trip to Neverland should have lasted a week, but the boys have now been gone nearly four weeks.”

So why in the world did the parents of these kids let them hang out Michael Jackson of all people unsupervised? Even if he wasn’t a “suspected” child molestor, Jackson is a bizarre freak that no one in their right mind would want around their child.

Now me? I’d say money has more than a little bit to do with it. Notice that the Oslo kids had their trip paid for by Jackson. I can almost guarantee you that wasn’t the only cash that flowed from Neverland up to Oslo. Just look at how Jackson got his hands on the kid currently making the molestation charges…

“Jackson paid the family’s medical bills and assisted them financially, even buying them a car and, according to sources, possibly a new house. When the boy’s condition improved, according to a family friend, Jackson brought him to his Neverland Valley Ranch. That is when the alleged inappropriate contact between them is thought to have occurred.”

So you see the MO don’t you? Jackson finds a kid he likes, lavishes their family with money and then invites the kid to sleep over. The parents don’t feel comfortable with it, but hey, are they really going to offend this incredibly wealthy and generous celebrity who’s spending so much money on them?

I just have one question for all the parents involved here and that is, “Hey you Judases, how many pieces of silver did Jackson pay you to pimp out your children to him?”

Someone should ask them that…

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