Several Hundred Illegals And Their Employers In Jail? That’s A Good Start!

On the one hand, it’s great to see this happening:

Immigration agents arrested seven executives and hundreds of employees of a manufacturer of crates and pallets Wednesday as part of a crackdown on employers of illegal workers.

Authorities raided offices and plants of IFCO Systems in at least eight states, the culmination of a yearlong criminal investigation, law enforcement officials said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested seven current and former IFCO Systems managers on charges they conspired to transport, harbor and encourage illegal workers to reside in the United States for commercial advantage and private financial gain, said Glenn T. Suddaby, the chief federal prosecutor in Albany, N.Y., where some arrests were made.

…Raids took place at several locations in upstate New York and in Biglerville, Pa.; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati, Houston, Phoenix, Richmond, Va., and Westborough, Mass.

“ICE has no tolerance for corporate officers who harbor illegal aliens for their work force. Today’s nationwide enforcement actions show how we will use all our investigative tools to bring these individuals to justice, no matter how large or small their company,” said ICE chief Julie Myers.

…The current and former IFCO Systems managers arrested were identified by Suddaby as: Michael Ames, 44, Shrewsbury, Mass.; Robert Belvin, 43, Clifton Park, N.Y.; Abelino Chicas, 40, Houston; Scott Dodge, 43, Albany; William Hoskins, 29, Cincinnati; James Rice, 36, Houston, and Dario Salzano, 36, Amsterdam, N.Y.”

On the other hand, since we can do this under the current laws, why aren’t we seeing it 3 or 4 times a week? I mean let’s face it, folks, if “ICE actually busts a lot of illegal immigrants and their employers” is a big story, it’s a pretty good indication that ICE isn’t getting the job done. The very fact that this story is making big news — it’s at the top of the page on Drudge right now — just goes to show you that there is an immigration enforcement problem in this country.

If ICE actually started doing these sorts of raids regularly and started arresting business owners, guess what? Most businesses would stop hiring “undocumented workers” because most business owners aren’t willing to risk jail time to make a few extra bucks — and if the illegals couldn’t get jobs, most of them would go home. In other words, if ICE did big, splashy raids like this 3 times a week for 6 months, a lot of our illegal alien problem would start to evaporate as the illegals self-deported after not being able to find work.

Want to get things started? Let’s see these IFCO Systems managers on TV, doing perp walks right up to the jailhouse doors so that all the other business owners out there hiring illegals can see it and imagine themselves in their place. Then let’s start repeating this process all over America at these crooked businesses that are knowingly putting illegals on the payroll. The sooner we crack down on these scofflaw illegals and the businesses that hire them, the better.

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