Sharon Loses Crucial Party Vote:

Sharon Loses Crucial Party Vote: There were some very interesting political developments in Israel this week-end…

“Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has lost a key vote in the central committee of his Likud party over whether to allow a future Palestinian state.

The vote, a show of hands in which only a few delegates supported the prime minister, is seen as a major defeat for Mr Sharon and calls into question how strong his support in his party is.

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has said he would challenge Mr Sharon’s leadership of Likud, had called for a vote rejecting the concept of an independent Palestinian state arising from peace talks.”

We now have a situation where Sharon’s own party not only doesn’t support the creation of a Palestinian State, but seems ready for Netanyahu to the reigns. Bibi has openly said that he wants to expel Arafat and crush the PA, and build a defensive line between the disputed territories and Israel. Incidentally, I think he’s right.

We tend to forget that Israel is capable of running over the Palestinians like a speed bump anytime they choose to do so. The fact that they haven’t shows restraint far beyond what any other nation in the world would of shown in the same situation. Eventually Israel is going to get tired of treading water and they’re going to splatter the PA and the terrorists in the disputed territories like a bug on a windshield no matter who likes it and who doesn’t. Either Sharon is going to do the job or Bibi is going to be voted in so he can do it. One way or the other, there’s a reckoning coming for the Palestinians that’s worse than anything they’ve seen in the last 35 years. There’s still time to pull back from the brink but I don’t think Arafat or anyone who’s likely to replace him is going to do so in time…

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