Sharon Vows Tough Response: Here’s

Sharon Vows Tough Response: Here’s what Ariel Sharon said last night…

“Those who call for millions of “martyrs” are guilty. Those who constantly incite are guilty. Those who fund terrorism are guilty. Those who launch terrorism are guilty. Guilty.

To anyone who tries to blackmail Israel into making concessions – either big or small – through the weapon of terror and intimidation, or tries to blackmail the state of Israel through sowing fear, I say today: Israel will not surrender to blackmail. He who rises up to kill us, we will pre-empt it and kill him first.

As we have proven, there is no – and there will never be – any shelter for terrorists, their abettors or dispatchers, and all those who are engaged in terrorism. There is no – and there never will be – any shelter for evil. Israel will act the same as any democracy that protects itself. Israel will act like any other democracy which fights the forces of darkness. Israel will continue to uproot the terror infrastructure.

Operation Defensive Shield was a vital and important stage in the dismantling of the terror infrastructure. The operation has yielded tremendous achievements. But our work is not done. The battle continues and will continue, until all those who believe that they can make gains through the use of terror-will cease to exist. Israel will act strongly.”

It’s good to see that at least one head of State still seems to believe in the Bush doctrine…

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