Should The Republican Party Be Banned?

You know for people who are always going on and on about fascism, liberals certainly do seem to be comfortable with certain fascist tactics as long as they’re directed at the “right” people. Take popular liberal cartoonist Ted Rall, for instance, who has this to say on his blog:

“A reader responding to my column “When is a Win Not a Win?” from a few weeks ago has sent me a persuasive case for banning the Republican Party. As in making it illegal for the GOP to hold meetings or run for office. Forever.

It’s not as wild as you might thing. Political parties are banned all over the earth. For instance, the Communist Party is banned in Russia and the Nazi Party is prohibited in Germany. The Republican Party hasn’t murdered in the tens of millions, but why wait? The current band of GOP criminals, just getting started, has already killed over 600,000 Iraqis (Hawkins’ Note: Not true at all). While they’re currently on the wane, they’re a malevolent influence who will surely return to make America a worse place sooner rather than later.

Anyway, it’s tough medicine and I’ll have to think about it…”

So, he’ll have to think about Democrats getting into power and then banning members of the other major party from being able to run against them? That’s a fascinating little glimpse into the way that Rall and his liberal ilk think, isn’t it?

Hat tip to QandO for the story.

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