Since When Do Non-Americans Have A Say In Who We Select As President?

Since When Do Non-Americans Have A Say In Who We Select As President?: Stephen M. said the following in the comments section of my, “Guide To Beating Bush In 2004” post…

“I guess I’m the only one with the nerve to point out that Lieberman is an unacceptable choice for President because he is Jewish. I never hear this being mentioned by any media outlet, yet it’s the most significant ‘con’ against him (well, besides also being a Democrat). Any current and future cooperation we expect from the Middle East would immediately cease if the United States elected a Jew as President. I rather like Lieberman. But both the left and the right have to realize that he cannot realistically be considered if we truly want to change opinions and behaviors in the Arab world.

….(O)ur goals in the Middle East and the war on terror around the world would be severely damaged if Lieberman were to be elected. I wanted to draw attention to desired outcomes. I have to believe that nearly all our efforts since 9/11/01 would come crumbling down if we had a Jewish President. The rest of the world just isn’t ready for it. And, at this moment in history, we’re very much concerned with the business of the rest of the world. Eventually, yes, we need leaders from every walk of life for this country. But baby steps would seem to be the prudent course of action right now.”

Before I get started, let me make it clear that I don’t support Lieberman. If he wins the Democratic nomination, I’d like nothing better than to see him go down in history with Dukakis and Mondale in the book of Democrats who were caught on the business end of a GOP landslide victory.

That being said, I find the very idea that Americans shouldn’t vote for a candidate because the rest of the world won’t like it to be repulsive. When it comes to American elections, the rest of world’s opinion is meaningless. Who cares who they want or don’t want to be our President?

Furthermore, how far do people want to go with this sort of thinking? Suppose Hillary Clinton & Condi Rice were to end up duking it out for the Presidency in 2008. Would we force them wear veils so they won’t offend the sensibilities of a bunch of Saudi sheiks and misogynist dictators? Should we decide that both of them are ineligible because women because the tyrants and thugs who run the Middle-East think of women as 2nd class citizens?

Hell no, we shouldn’t. If any nation doesn’t like who the American people chose to be President, then they can just go deal with the other super power out there…oh wait, there isn’t one. So if ***shudder*** Lieberman were to win, then the rest of the world could like it or lump it. Putting it another way, the anti-Semites who run most of the nations in the Middle-East could either make a decision to work with Lieberman or they could join the world’s pariah states like Iran & Cuba that don’t want to deal with us. Personally, I think most of them would prefer to hold their noses and deal with Lieberman rather than risk poisoning their relations with us. But either way, what they think has no bearing on who we should vote for.

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