It has been snowing here in Charlotte now for roughly 36 hours straight. Because of this lame blizzard….stop laughing you Northerners, it’s like a blizzard to us…I had to put off going on vacation this week-end. On the other hand, even though the snow is almost up to Patton’s chin, he has a blast when I take him outside…

Mush boy, mush!!!

For me, the snow is an inconvenience, but for you, it’s lucky. I say that because I might as well put out the Rumsfeld quotes later tonight instead of on Tuesday. So assuming the power holds out and I make it back alive from getting videos to watch, you’ll be getting the best of Rummy’s quotes later tonight on RWN…

***Update #1***: Bonus Patton Pic!

Patton snoozing….

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