So Iran Is Responsible: What Are We Doing About It?

We keep getting reports like this one through the media, but we never seem to do anything about it,

Five Britons kidnapped in Baghdad were abducted by a group “trained, equipped and advised” by Iran, America’s commander in Iraq said yesterday.

Gen David Petraeus said he believed that the four security guards and civilian contractor were still alive. He said his troops were working hard to free them.

This has included special forces carrying out a number of raids in the capital and elsewhere in the three weeks since the five were abducted in the Ministry of the Interior.

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Speaking of the unit responsible for the kidnap, Gen Petraeus told The Times: “They are trained in Iran, equipped with Iranian [weapons], and advised by Iran.

“The Iranian involvement here we have found to be much, much more significant than we thought before. They have, since about the summer of 2004, played a very, very important role in training in Iran, funding, arming.”

…Elements in the Tehran hierarchy have long been suspected of training Iraq’s insurgents in sophisticated bomb-making technology. Dozens of British soldiers have been killed as a result of Iran’s backing of the insurgents.

While Gen Petraeus believed the kidnappers had very close ties with Iran, he did not directly accuse the country of being complicit in the hostage-taking.

The head of US forces in Iraq said he believed the kidnappers were part of a cell attached to the Mahdi army headed by the fundamentalist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.”

Ok, so Iran is training people to kidnap the British in Iraq.

How come we’re not killing anyone in Iran over this? Why aren’t we reading reports about Iranian officials being found hanging from light posts or missiles being fired into the family homes of important mullahs over there? If the Mahdi army is responsible for this kidnapping, why isn’t Muqtada al-Sadr being waterboarded right now by Americans demanding to know where those Brits are? Better yet, why is Mookie still breathing at this point?

We’ve been hearing these stories out of Iraq for months, even years now, but what we’re not hearing about is the people responsible paying any sort of price for targeting Americans or our allies. Additionally, we keep hearing that George Bush is this wild eyed cowboy with a John Wayne complex who has no qualms about inflicting any and all horrors on our enemies…I really wish that were true.

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