So, When Did That North American Union Get Started Again?

Remember the North American Union that the black helicopter crowd has been raving about for years? You know, today we’re Americans, tomorrow our official sport will be hockey and there will be a mariachi band doing the halftime at the Super Bowl because we’ll have merged with Canada and Mexico?

Apparently, Bush is going to make that happen, whether the American people, Congress, and the Supreme Court like it or not — perhaps via some sort of magic spell or alien technology.

Well, I was just wondering when that is going to get started? After all, I don’t want to be the last one on my block to head down to the bank to get my ameros — yet, we’re already into April and Bush seems to be dragging his feet on the whole project.

Of course, all the people who have been touting the North American Union, writing columns about it, and even getting gullible suckers to buy books about it could have been, well, what’s that expression — pulling all this stuff out of their *sses, right? Nah. That’s crazy talk, isn’t it? I mean, people like Jerome Corsi, Lou Dobbs, and Ron Paul couldn’t be just stringing people along about a nonsensical conspiracy theory just to get attention for themselves, could they?

I guess we’ll find out..or, I guess, I should say some of you who should know better, will find out, soon enough when Bush leaves office and ***Gasp*** the United States won’t have merged with Mexico and Canada.

PS: Maybe the North American Union will come into being right after the draft that the Democrats swore Bush would implement during the 2004 elections.

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