So When Does That North American Union Finally Form?

Hey ah — when does that North American Union go into effect? When does Tony Snow announce that last night, Bush merged the country with Canada and Mexico and that our new national sport is hockey and that we’re taking orders from Felipe Calderon? Probably right after the draft that the Democrats were predicting that Bush would implement right after the 2004 elections.

Now, here’s another interesting question — when Bush leaves office in 2009 and there is no North American Union, what do bubbleheads like Jerome Corsi say then? What does a guy like Joseph Farrah, who has been promoting this nonsense for years, say? What does Ron Paul say?

They told us Bush was going to merge the United States, Mexico, and Canada, the people who weren’t insane said that was crazy, and they insisted it was happening. So, when it doesn’t happen, then what?

It’s like those goofy cults that say the world will end on such and such a day. You have to wonder how the cultists deal with the fact that it doesn’t happen.

By the way — when it doesn’t happen, let me just say in advance – I told you so, you conspiracy freaks.

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