So When Does The Catholic Jihad Start?

Uh oh…

US President George W Bush drew gasps at the Vatican on Saturday by referring to Pope Benedict XVI as “sir” instead of the expected “His Holiness”, pool reporters said.”

So when do we get the follow-up articles that start out like this,

“Today, tens of thousands of outraged Catholics took to the streets across the world carrying signs that said, “Behead those that insult the pope!” The riots surged out of control in Italy out of control in Italy after a local politician suggested that Catholics might react in a violent fashion to the slur against the Pope. 18 people were killed in the rioting.

Meanwhile, a Catholic suicide bomber blew himself up on a Texas schoolbus, killing 31 small children to protest the insult to the Pope. In reaction to the bombing, the Catholic League issued a statement warning people not to blame Catholics for violence while simultaneously calling for new laws to prevent people from calling the Pope “sir.”

Oh wait, wrong religion…

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