Socialized Medicine Report

There is one nice thing about socialized medicine: it guarantees there will always be outrageous lunacy to report. The latest:

A pregnant woman was forced to give birth in a hospital corridor after being turned away from two hospitals when she went into labour. Humilated new mother Emma Johnson gave birth in a hallway at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. She plans to make an official complaint to NHS bosses after being turned away from two hospitals by staff who claimed there were “no beds available”.

But that’s not the crazy part. What’s truly insane is that even after watching Britain and Canada jump off the cliff by socializing medicine, America may follow suit.

As a small child could understand, when an autocratic government sets an artificially low price on a valuable and limited commodity, the supply will disappear. This is why socialized medicine does not and could not possibly work. It’s also why calls by Democrats to control gas prices not by drilling for oil but by nationalizing the energy industry is such good news to anyone nostalgic for horses and buggies.

Transportation under socialized energy.

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