Some Inconvenient Truths

Just when gathered Democrats were about to convince the nation that they live in a miserable place and in miserable conditions, the Census Bureau has to report this:

-Income. Median household income rose to $50,233 in 2007 after adjusting for inflation. That’s $665 more than a year earlier but still below the peak of 1999. Income in black households rose for the first time since 1999.

-Poverty. The poverty rate remained stable at 12.5% of households.

-Equality. The top one-fifth of households took home slightly less of the nation’s income in 2007. The middle and lower-middle class gained the most.

-Insurance. The number of people without health insurance dropped 1.3 million to 45.7 million. The uninsured fell to 15.3% from 15.8%. The primary reason for decline: More people, especially children, are covered by government-sponsored insurance.


How in the world can a party preach gloom and doom when stats like that are published right in the middle of their pitch?

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