Some Quotes Of Notes About Last Night’s Debate From Around The Right Side Of The Blogosphere

“Aside from the Xerox moment, this debate was a big snooze. But it may be noteworthy because it was so boring.

If Clinton thought that she had a chance, she would have done everything possible to shake things up. Sure, she took lots of shots at Obama’s healthcare plan, but she never really got that into it. She killed at the early debates; now, not so much. She even stumbled over the Xerox line that her staff thought up. Obama’s plan this evening was to make the debate as uninteresting as possible and he succeeded, but he sure didn’t have to try all that hard. He’s ahead already, so a humdrum debate helps him most. If there was a winner this evening, it was him, despite all the media praise for Clinton’s final answer.” — Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades HQ

“Meanwhile, I thought Hillary’s closing her most effective line of the night, when she tried to suggest a badly crippled or defaced soldier is going through a lot worse ordeal than any she has or ever will face (and it didn’t help her cause to have to remind viewers that the worst thing she’s suffered has been a lifetime of humiliation as Bill Clinton’s wife). It struck me listening to her words that she was actually resigning herself to defeat in this race.” — Wlady at the AmSpec Blog

“It seemed Hillary had slightly stronger answers; perhaps because of the unspoken (by her) theme of “where’s the beef,” the beef was clear in her answers. She’s a far-leftie, but she knows her policy.

By comparison, Obama skimmed the surface. But the audience loved it. They didn’t just eat it up with a spoon, they ate it up with any other utensils, then scraped the bottom of the jar with their fingers, and then tried to pick out whatever was left under their fingernails. All he needed to do tonight was not screw up, and I didn’t see anything that might constitute that.” — The Campaign Spot

“From a friend: “I think Hillary imagines that her reference to her crises would somehow be understood as attacks from the vast right-wing conspiracy. But clearly everyone thought of Bill.” — Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner

“Hillary is looking chipper and trim; she’s clearly one of those people who thrives on soul-crushing defeat. …Vader in a pantsuit: this is how one of my debateblogging companions just described Hillary’s look. …Why is the food talking? This is how one of my companions describes the way Hillary is looking at Obama when he talks.” —Megan McArdle

“You can just feel the annoyance she has that Obama can say “dog feces is good for you” and people will faint, wake up, and immediately run out to consume the poop.” — Erick Erickson at Redstate

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