Some things don’t ever change

**Sharpton Announces Plan To Shut Down NYC To Protest Court Decision. If Al Sharpton’s not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

**For Europe’s Middle-Class, Stagnant Wages Stunt Lifestyle. I keep hearing how the dollar is tanking and the Euro is so strong, and yet I don’t see stories about the American middle class being unable to afford bread.

**On YOUR Dime: Congressmen Lease Luxury Cars. Congressman Rangel thinks his constituents are in favor of his driving a Cadillac paid for by them. Sure, a place where the median income is $18,642 completely understands, nay encourages, their Congressman to spend more than half that, per year, for his car.

**Andrew Sullivan’s Constant Double Standard. Andrew Sullivan criticizes Hillary for her choice of beverage, then gets mad when Obama is criticized for his.

Al Sharpton is mad, Europeans are poor, Congressmen overspend your money and Andrew Sullivan is hypocritical in his agitation for his candidate of choice. It’s almost comforting how everything stays just the same.

Karol Sheinin blogs political at Alarming News, blogs poker at I Had Outs and keeps a calendar of right-leaning events happening in New York at Right Events.

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