Something Cranky Conservatives Should Think About

This week-end, as I was reflecting on the crankiness of the conservative movement and how unhappy so many people still are with the GOP despite their improved performance since 2006, I wondered what it would take to get people right back on the same page again.

Regrettably, it occurred to me that it will probably take Hillary Clinton getting elected and ramming through something that is so offensive to conservatives that it will make them realize that they have much bigger issues with the Left than they do with the Right.

That might mean amnesty for illegal aliens, socialized medicine, allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, or appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court who will put overturning Roe v. Wade out of reach, perhaps forever.

All I can say is that conservatives and Americans have a lot to lose if the Democrats have another great year in 2008. So, we better start to think about that before it’s too late, and the Dems inflict irreversible damage on this country that the Right will still bemoan 50 years from now.

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