South Park Mocks The Media’s Katrina Coverage

On the season premiere of South Park last night, they poked a bit of fun at the slow response to Katrina, but they spent most of the show lampooning the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow,” the media, and the hysteria over global warming.

Early on, there was a particularly funny bit of media mockery that you might enjoy. After the town of “Beaverton” was mysteriously flooded, here’s how the “South Park Evening News” covered the situation (This was edited slightly for readability’s sake):

Reporter: Tom, I’m currently 10 miles outside of Beaverton, unable to get inside the town proper. We do not have any reports of fatalities yet, but we believe the death toll may be in the hundreds of millions. Beaverton has a population of only about 8,000, Tom, so this would be quite devastating.

Anchor: Any word on how the survivors in the town are doing, Mitch?

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Reporter: We’re not sure what is going on inside the town of Beaverton, Tom, but we’re reporting that there’s looting, raping, and even acts of cannibalism.

Anchor: My God, you’ve actually seen people looting, raping, and eating each other?

Reporter: No, no, we haven’t actually seen it, Tom, we’re just reporting it.

Anchor: In the nearby town of South Park, the cause of the Beaverton flood is being investigated.

Man Being Interviewed #1: That’s right, we know whose fault this is! It’s George Bush’s fault!

Man Being Interviewed #2: Yeah! George Bush doesn’t care about Beavers!

Now that’s clever satire!

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