Special Ice For Special People By Kymberly Swygert

Well, there’s being indulgent, and then there’s spoiling your kid rotten, and then there’s this:

Calling the Orlins ice skating enthusiasts may be a bit of an understatement. The Stamford residents are spending $630,000 to build an indoor ice skating rink in the backyard of their 13-acre property just off the Merritt Parkway…

“Millions of people come down our road to see it because nobody can believe it’s there,” said neighbor Maria Fedele.

According to plans filed with the city, the 28-foot-tall building will have an ice surface about half the size of a regulation hockey rink. A concrete floor underneath will allow the Orlins to use the rink for roller hockey, basketball and tennis when it’s not covered with ice. The building will also have a viewing balcony and wet bar.

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The Orlins defy reality, but follow etiquette, by downplaying their little construction job:

City officials said they believe the Orlins are building the rink for their son, a Stamford Youth Hockey player.

The Orlins declined an interview with The Advocate of Stamford. “My husband and I want to keep it low-key,” Julie Orlin said. “We don’t want to make a fuss about it.” She said the Orlins do not think the project is unusual, saying they know of four similar rinks in Greenwich.

I suppose if they’ve got $600K to spare to build a hockey playroom for their son, they might as well use it in building something that will last. And just think what it will do for the resale value! You know, in case Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei ever decides to move to Connecticut.

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