Spin Or No Spin, There Is A Reality Check Coming In The Disputed Territories

Oh yeah, this is really going to work:

“Hamas is paying a spin doctor $180,000 (£100,000) to persuade Europeans and Americans that it is not a group of religious fanatics who relish suicide bombings and hate Jews.

The organisation, also known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, has hired a media consultant, Nashat Aqtash, to improve its image at home and abroad because it expects to emerge from next week’s Palestinian general election as a major political force, and wants recognition and acceptance by the US and EU.

“Hamas has an image problem. The Israelis were able to create a very bad image of the Palestinians in general and particularly Muslims and Hamas. My contract is to project the right image,” said Mr Aqtash, who also teaches media at Birzeit University in Ramallah.

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“We don’t need the international community to accept Hamas ideology, we need it to accept the facts on the ground. We are not killing people because we love to kill. People view Hamas as loving sending people to die. We don’t love death, we like life.”

Mr Aqtash, who describes himself as opposed to violence and “believing in the Gandhi route”, has advised Hamas leaders to change their image by explaining that they do not hate Israelis because they are Jews. And he is attempting to persuade influential foreigners that Hamas is essentially a peaceful organisation that was forced to fight, but is now committed to pressing its cause through politics, not violence.

“Hamas does not believe in terrorism or killing civilians. But Ariel Sharon pressed buttons to make people angry. Sometimes we are innocent enough to react in a way that the Israelis use the reaction against us,” he said.

Next week Mr Aqtash says he will address the former US president Jimmy Carter and former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt, and other prominent foreigners monitoring the election. But he admits he and his small team working from an office in Ramallah have their work cut out. Hamas is responsible for scores of suicide bombings, killing and maiming hundreds of civilians (many of them children), although not for yesterday’s attack in Tel Aviv.

Hamas’s founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel and it wants to impose an Islamic state on all Palestinian territory.

…Mr Aqtash has also advised Hamas leaders to emphasise that they are not anti-semitic or against Israelis because they are Jews.”

So Hamas is paying a PR guy to try to persuade people that they’re “not a group of religious fanatics who relish suicide bombings and hate Jews?” Isn’t that kind of like Shaquille O’Neal hiring someone to try to convince Americans that he’s actually a short, white accountant? Who would believe it?

The problem Hamas has is that the International Community in general, and the United States in particular, has been encouraging the Palestinian government to crack down on the violent, genocidal terrorists that have free reign in the disputed territories.

Of course, that’s never happened because the majority of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian government support terrorism against Israel. However, people who support the Palestinians have, up until this point, been engaging in a bit of polite fiction and pretending that this isn’t the case.

Now that Hamas is about to assume a significant political role, the mask is being torn away and the terrorists everyone has been saying the Palestinian government needs to get in check are about to become the government.

That means, believe it or not, that things are about to take a turn for the worse.

For example, since Israel assassinates leaders of Hamas and Hamas is about to become part of the government, we may now have the Israelis regularly targeting Palestinian government officials in retaliation for attacks. Moreover, after Hamas becomes part of the government, wouldn’t that mean that if the Palestinians got a state, it would officially be a terrorist state? How can anyone expect Israel to make peace with a government that includes large numbers of people who’re part of a group that are openly calling for genocide and the destruction of their nation? And how do the US and EU justify giving aid to a government that will soon no longer even be using a figleaf to hide its terrorist activities?

But, there is one big positive that will come out of this situation: the truth about what the Palestinian people and government support and believe will finally be out in the open where even the biggest Palestinian apologists will have difficulty denying it.

Hat tip to Right-Thinking from the Left Coast for the story.

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