Step Away From The McRib

Step Away From The McRib Sandwich Kaffir: Hungry for a Big Mac or thinking about chowing down on some Chicken McNuggets? Well then you better stay out of Saudi Arabia where Sheikh Abdulrahman Alireza makes sure infidels like you are not allowed to have Happy Meals…

“All McDonald’s restaurants in Saudi Arabia are owned and operated by leading members of the Saudi business community…Their local input into the management of this global brand has helped ensure McDonald’s popularity and success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there are currently no fewer than 71 branches strategically located in all of Saudi’s major cities, including two in the holy city of Mecca – a place sacred to Muslims throughout the world.

There are two unique McDonald’s restaurants located in the Holy City of Makkah. These restaurants are the only two restaurants in the world that are wholly staffed with Muslim employees and who serve exclusively Muslim customers, from Service Crew to Restaurant Manager level.”

I wonder if they have a sign on the door that says something like, “No Americans, Jews, or Dogs allowed.”

The most amazing thing about this is that McDonald’s is stupid enough to BRAG about this on their own homepage. If this story really broke in the mainstream press it would make so many people mad that I bet you their stock would drop. Dumb, dumb, dumb…

Thanks to CrooooW Blog & Zion Blog for the link.

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