Steyn On Israel

Last night, Hugh Hewitt did his weekly interview with the best pundit walking the earth, Mark Steyn. And Steyn, who has been to Israel and the Palestinian territories, had some really fascinating things to say.

Mark Steyn: If you were born in Gaza or the West Bank in 1948, and you’re told this is just a temporary situation, and you’re soon going to be back in your land with all of the olive trees and all the rest of it, you might stick that out until 1953 or 1958 or 1963. But by the year 2006, pretty much any Palestinian who wants a life for his children or his family has got out of that dump of Gaza. And I think that is the reality, that stability, the stability of the management by the U.N and their refugee camps over all these years has, in fact, created this situation.

Hugh Hewitt: Mark Steyn, we come back, time and time again, to the strong horse, that mythical figure first cited by Osama and others. Who’s running the strong horse in the Middle East right now?

Mark Steyn: Well, I would say at the moment, Israel is, because just in doing things like, for example, buzzing the Syrian president’s palace. You know, it wouldn’t take much to topple Baby Assad from his presidential palace. And I think when it became clear in the region that for example, Syria was allowing all kinds of insurgents to cross into Iraq, I think it should have been the United States Air Force that should have been buzzing Assad’s palace three years ago now.

Mark Steyn: …The salient fact about Gaza is that the average age in Gaza, the median age is 15.6 years. You’re dealing with a population of unemployed teenage boys, raised in a death cult, and encouraged to think that Jew killing is the highest fulfillment of life.

Mark Steyn: …You go to London, you go to Paris, you go to Montreal, you go to any city in the Western world. You meet talented Palestinians working at lawyers and doctors. They’re all the people who made the right decision, in a sense, in the 50’s and 60’s, and they got out of that hellhole. And we…we’re very deceived when we see these people like Saeb Arakat and Hanan Ashwari appearing on CNN and the BBC. That’s not what the people in Gaza are. The people in Gaza are people who…they’re mothers who are proud of the fact. This one woman was elected to the legislature in this Hamas landslide. She’s proud of the fact that she’s a mother of six, down to a mother of three right now, because three of them blew themselves up trying to kill Israelis, and she wants the other three to follow in their footsteps.

Hugh Hewitt: Because Israel cannot allow Haifa to be hit with rockets…I mean, they can’t.

Mark Steyn: No, and they don’t have that sense that the Europeans have. You know, basically, if you talk to, say, British officials and French officials, they accept the fact they’re going to have Tube trains and buses blown up every couple of years now, and they figure they can live with that death scale. Israel is in a worse situation, and can’t. So Israel, in a sense, can only win by going on the offensive.

Hugh Hewitt: Any doubt in your mind that if Hezbollah had weapons of mass destruction to put on their rockets, they’d be using them right now?

Mark Steyn: No. That’s the ridiculous thing. It’s not just…the problem for these guys is that they’ve always made no doubt that they…what the ends will be. They’ve only lacked the means. Now, this guy, with the help of the disgusting and contemptible International Atomic Energy Authority, is getting near to having the means. And when they have the means, they’ll use them. I mean, they used them always.

Make sure to read the whole thing.

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