Stop The Apologizing Already

Apologies must be in this year,

Danes sorry for looting and pillaging

MORE than 1200 years ago hordes of bloodthirsty Viking raiders descended on Ireland, pillaging monasteries and massacring the inhabitants.

On Wednesday, one of their more mild-mannered descendants stepped ashore to apologise.

The Danish Minister for Culture, Brian Mikkelson, who was in Dublin to celebrate the arrival of a replica Norse longboat, apologised for the invasion and destruction inflicted.

“In Denmark we are certainly proud of this ship but we are not proud of the damage to the people of Ireland that followed in the footsteps of the Vikings,” Mr Mikkelson declared in his welcoming speech delivered by the River Liffey.

“But the warmth and friendliness with which you greet us today and the Viking ship show us that, luckily, it has all been forgiven.”

Then there’s this story, which is a bit more colorful,

Sorry we ate your forefathers

THE descendants of Papua New Guinea cannibals who killed and ate four Fijian missionaries in 1878 have apologised.

Fiji’s High Commissioner to PNG, Ratu Isoa Tikoca accepted the apologies at a reconciliation ceremony near Rabaul in PNG’s East New Britain Province yesterday in front of thousands of people.

“We at this juncture are deeply touched and wish you the greatest joy of forgiveness as we finally end this record disagreement,” Ratu Tikoca said.

PNG’s Governor-General Paulias Matane told the crowd he appreciated the work of the early Fijian missionaries in spreading Christianity in the islands region.

The ceremony marked 132 years since Methodist ministers and teachers from Fiji arrived in the New Guinea islands region in 1875 headed by Englishman George Brown.

In April 1878, a Fijian minister and three teachers were killed and eaten by Tolai tribespeople on the Gazelle Peninsula.

Honestly, what is the point of people who did nothing wrong, offering empty apologies to people who haven’t been wronged, for things that happened before anybody living on the planet today was born? The people who are apologizing have nothing to be sorry for and the people receiving the apologies have done nothing to deserve the kind words.

Here’s the reality: you are not responsible for what your ancestors did a hundred, 500, or 1200 years ago. You are not responsible for what people of your race or religion did back then either.

So speak out against injustice where you find it, correct misperceptions when you run across them, and do your best to help out your fellow man, but remember that ultimately, you are responsible for you, your own life, and your own actions. If people just took that one lesson to heart, it would be a better world.

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